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Sylvia Keller is the SPC of Delmarva, which is the area made up of the state of Delaware, the eastern shore of MD and the eastern tip of Virginia. Prophetic words have been spoken and repeatedly confirmed over this area that three waves are going to wash over Delmarva: a wave of deliverance of God’s people, a wave of restitution of the back-slidden and a wave of salvation.

In November, 2011, a group of Delmarva women climbed into two cars and drove in a cross pattern over the Peninsula declaring that Jesus is Lord over Delmarva and calling forth the fulfillment of every prophetic word spoken over Delmarva. We are standing shoulder to shoulder, praying in unity and earnestly expecting the fulfillment of these words. This is the time to walk with a true goal aim and purpose, not drift about in an endless circle. This is neither warm-up nor scrimmage; this is the real thing, the main event. It is not time to hold back. Now is the time to give our all to the Kingdom of God. It is time to arise and advance in both prayer and action. Feel free to contact Sylvia to learn more about prayer opportunities for Delmarva and for our Mid-Atlantic Region.

Alice Holland currently serves as Mid-Atlantic Prayer Coordinator for Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.  She has been involved in Aglow for 39 years and has served in most positions on Aglow Area teams. She was involved in Aglow in Germany and other parts of the U.S. where she lived while her husband served in the military.

She considers herself blessed to be able to coordinate monthly prayer trips into D.C for Aglow women and men from across the nation and expects to witness God’s move in our nation.

Barbara PottsBarbara Potts is trying to keep the Maryland Lighthouses and leadership teams informed on important issues and strategic prayers.

Maryland has been battling same-sex marriage since 2005. But since NY caved in and since the homosexual lobby in MD lost a hotly contested battle this past year, they are coming back in 2012 with bigger guns and fresh ammunition. Our challenge is to out-maneuver them through prayer, letters, phone calls and Truth. We are currently putting together a strategy that will bring another victory for the Lord!

In addition, since MD is one of the two states that border Washington, DC, we are involved in praying over federal issues that ultimately effect us all.

Gwen Campbell has served as the State Prayer Coordinator for North Carolina, since August 2012.  It is a joy serving the people and the State of North Carolina.  She has formed a S.W.I.F.T. Team who regularly goes with her, at least, twice a year to the State Capitol and the Legislative Building to pray for the State and its officials.  They also visit Mosques and pray during the month of Ramadan.

She holds a biweekly prayer conference call every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  All are welcome to join the call.  The numbers are:  605-468-8004  Access Code:  396190#.  She attends all Area Gatherings, and visits some of the Lighthouses when possible.  As a resident of Durham, she attends the Durham and Raleigh Lighthouses on a regular basis.

Gwen also orchestrates prayer assignments, periodically, for the state.  They have recently been going out and praying at schools, state official buildings, college campuses, and other places in the communities to pray and rename the gates.  They have also been carrying out the assignment from our Regional Director, Nancy McGuirk, called “Get in the Circle” which simply means going into those places where others would not dare go, and would not want to go, to pray and carry out any other assignments as the Lord leads. For updates, please check her face book page at Aglow International, NC State Prayer Coordinator.

waterfallGale Jarvis is the Co-State Prayer Coordinator for Virginia.  Only three weeks after getting started, the Lord led Gale to quickly organize a prayer gathering in Farmville, VA.  This prayer event was held on-site where the Vice Presidential debate would be held the next day.  After praying on-site, the group walked two blocks to pray at Farmville’s Moton Museum which exists because Farmville is the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.

Gale looks forward to air-supremacy Kingdom advancement through newsletters and prayer events where praying people together propel the Kingdom forward – unlocking Gates of His Glory over regions, cities, and individual lives.

Rebecca Gould is the State Prayer Coordinator for West Virginia.

Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

The Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region serves the areas of the Delmarva Peninsula, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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