Report on NC Central Aglow Area’s Anti Human Trafficking Forum

NC CENTRAL AGLOW sponsored an Anti-Human Trafficking Forum on December 10, 2016 in Raleigh, NC. 

Purpose to bring awareness of Human Trafficking

Facilitators:  Robin Colbert, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA), Darien Smith, Eastern NC Stop Human Trafficking and Natalie Wood, NC Attorney General’s Office

Participants: 31

Guiding Questions:    

What is HT?-Globally, Nationally, Statewide, Locally

Who is affected by HT and what are we doing about it here in NC?

What are the challenges, obstacles and gaps?

How can we help combat this evil among us?

In addition to the wonderful presentations by our facilitators, the Aglow Human Trafficking Video was viewed.

Action Items

Each lighthouse will be asked to dedicate one of their meetings to Human Trafficking awareness in 2017.

Participants Comments

One of facilitators shared a very familiar story known throughout the state and possible nationally.  This occurred in one of our Lighthouse areas.  It was a case involving a 5 year old child that some of us followed very closely. It stirred emotions when we thought about the age of the child and knowing that the mother is possible in the prison where Central NC ministers.  The mother gave her 5 year old daughter to this guy to pay a $200 debt, stating “… He was only supposed to have sex”.  The child died.  The thought that a mother would give her child for drugs actually falls under Human Trafficking never occurred to us until we attended this workshop.” (

“The facilitators were very good and thorough with supportive information.  They were precise and to the point, in a way that we could all understand, and ask questions when we needed.  It was wonderful that they allowed us to interact.  You could tell they were very passionate about what they were doing.  I really appreciated the information given by the last person who spoke regarding the youth and social media.  I learned a lot and, again, I appreciate the fact that they were very passionate about their presentations.”  

“Facilitator called it a “safe place” for those in attendance after several participants released personal situations of abuse, molestation, and inappropriate situations as children.”

“Enjoyed the open interaction and the testimonies that came forth.”

“Love the kids section and the social media updates.”

“The real time examples that were located in NC hit close to home.”

“The facilitators were on top of everything…..very open and honest in their responses. The technology section was my key interest as I knew nothing of those apps. and they apply to my grandchildren. Only addition I might have added if time permitted would have been someone who shared his/her victory through being found and taken to safety for recovery….a personal testimony. That was a comment at my table. I would like to see each lighthouse do something similar to inform their community. I will be sharing with Sanford. FABULOUS JOB LADIES!!!”

“I thought the seminar was awesome! Jesus was certainly in that place. The atmosphere was definitely dripping with an air of cheer. The festiveness of the room and the warm greetings people received as they entered into the room set a tone for a Jesus ‘Meeting. Each table was decorated with holiday cheer and handouts regarding the purpose of the seminar.  The sound of laughter, inquisitiveness, and whispers could be heard throughout the room as the presenters, greeters, Aglow sisters, and gentlemen exchanged amenities. Amidst the exchange of pleasantries, Iantha and Lorraine walked to the podium and sat the tone for the purpose of the meeting.  However, the video from headquarters aligned the purpose even further (as we watched eagerly discovering what the cause of Human Trafficking was).   Furthermore, the presenters provided further enlightenment on the topic.   In fact, they gladly responded to the questions and testimonies of the audience as they delved into the statistics, causes, and how to prevent Human Trafficking. Meanwhile, the highlight of the seminar was the preparedness, handouts, video, and willingness of the presenters to share honestly about the statistics and how we as individuals can assist with deterring Human Trafficking.”

Items sold will benefit the human traffic awareness effort in the state.

It’s amazing that the school building where the Human Trafficking occurred had this theme “Hope is Eternal”.  What a memorable event!