Mercy’s Call

Mercy’s Call Abortion Recovery

A Healing Journey for Women Where Mercy Triumphs over Judgment In a Safe & Confidential place… To finally heal…

Do you still struggle with the following?

Feeling guilty * feeling shame * sorrow * regret * fear of punishment from God * self-hatred * suicidal thoughts * relationship issues with others * being secretive * nightmares or dreams of losing a child * avoidance behaviors * psychological “numbing” * depression * bonding issues with present and or future children

The first step in the healing journey is to peel away the callus formed by the months or years of denying and repressing the painful emotions connected with the abortion experience. Why is it necessary to dredge up what the mind has worked so long to forget?  Because the grief, anger, and guilt a women feels about the events surrounding her abortion are not processed fully. Do you have your experiences bundled up and hidden away because they are too painful to deal with?  They do not need to be bundled up any longer!

There is hope and healing for you!  Many women are braving the call and finding freedom from all the unanswered questions and can finally be at peace with themselves and God.

Contact: Jana Comer

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