Israel Mandate

Aglow International stands in loving support for Israel and the Jewish people while helping to bring awareness to the Body of Christ concerning God’s plans and purposes for those people He calls the apple of His eye.

Margot Miller currently serves as the Israel Mandate Coordinator for Aglow’s Mid-Atlantic Region, as well as the President of a neighborhood prayer lighthouse. Active in Aglow since the 1970’s, she was founding President of a lighthouse for working women in Central Virginia and later served as Area President.

Born into a Jewish family, Margot received Yeshua (Jesus) as her Messiah through the love of a Christian family while in college. Years later, after seeing the love many Christians had for Israel she also longed to travel to the Land. Visits to the Holy Land have given her an understanding of the events taking place in the Middle East and a love for all peoples living in that part of the world.

The Lord has given Margot a love for the Word of God and a gift to teach its truths. She is an ordained minister and active in prison ministry.

Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

The Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region serves the areas of the Delmarva Peninsula, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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