Monroe Aglow Update: Human Trafficking Awareness

Update: Human Trafficking Awareness

This past Saturday we embarked on a new adventure: to bring awareness about Human Trafficking in our area. We had 8 adults and 3 children present. We split up into 4 groups, armed with brochures, posters and flyers and went in 4 different directions. We were able to visit close to 50 businesses in the city of Monroe. We put up posters in the bathrooms, left brochures for customers and flyers for our upcoming Anti-Human Trafficking event in February. We had a very successful day. Most of the businesses we visited were very receptive to us and very thankful for what we were doing.

These are the posters we put up in the bathrooms. A local print company printed 200 color flyers and 100 color posters for us as a donation to us for what we were doing.