AHT Community Action Forum

The Hickory, NC Aglow Lighthouse hosted an Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) Community Action Forum on Saturday, August 13. I knew beforehand that the Lord was connecting people with their destiny. The Spirit released prophetic words of encouragement and the speakers shared heart-felt messages.  AHT is truly a plan of God to rescue, restore and transform lives. It was clear that through AHT, God is releasing the sons and daughters of God into their divine destiny IN CHRIST.  Both the men and women ministering under the covering of Aglow International, and the victims of human trafficking will experience transformed lives.  We are AMAZED at what our God did and will continue to do through our small effort!  Following is a series of forum highlights:

  • The new AHT banner was just the flare we needed to look like the professional organization we are.
  • Many people came up after the forum and said what a great program it was and thanked us for hosting it.
  • Sixteen people brand new to Aglow attended who live in our area.
  • A number of people who attended the forum expressed interest in coming back to our regular monthly meetings.
  • Several hundred new people were added to our email Contact List for future newsletters.
  • The forum was great publicity for Aglow International and our Lighthouse.
  • People were provided with our contact information: website, Facebook page, email and telephone numbers through the brochures, fliers and newspaper articles.
  • The Presence of the Lord was very apparent in our meeting.
  • The speakers were marvelous and the music was inspirational.
  • Fifty people attended, a lot of new connections were made and vision was cast.
  • Fifty people left with a spark of fire ignited by the bonfire of the Holy Spirit.
  • Many people who did not attend the meeting, but read the newspaper articles promoting the event were inspired to get involved in the prevention, rescue and/or restoration of human trafficking victims in their community.
  • Finally, thousands who read the newspaper articles circulated in multiple Western North Carolina counties had their awareness increased of the problem of human trafficking and were given key information for how to prevent it and to report it.

Pat James, President
Hickory, NC Lighthouse