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“In August 2014 at the Mid-­Atlantic Regional Gathering, there was a moving panel discussion on Human Trafficking. As a result it was decided that our region would get involved in combating sex and labor exploitation within our borders. Aglow International has an Anti-­Human Trafficking Ministry; and we need to follow that lead, getting seriously engaged at the local level…” – Edwin Thomas, anti-human trafficking coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Human Trafficking Awareness Updates

The Dirty Dozen List

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) today (February 12) launched its 2018 Dirty Dozen List, a list of carefully selected entities that are major, mainstream facilitators of sexual exploitation in our society and culture.

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Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

Anti-Human Trafficking Activities

2017 – 2018

November 30, 2017

Following is a compilation of the Anti-Human Trafficking activities conducted and expected during 2017 and planned for in 2018 throughout the Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region (Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia).


2017 – May – Stevensville Lighthouse held an event open to the public: “Innocence Stolen, Protecting Our Children Online.”

2018 – January – Stevensville Lighthouse AHT open to the public event.
January – Dover Lighthouse AHT meeting and discussion.

Maryland West Area Team

Charles Town WV Lighthouse, HEAT (Help, Education, Activities, Training) REPORT

2017 – Meet monthly over and above our monthly meetings. The meetings are open to the public and we use the first part of the meeting to educate on the topic of Human Trafficking and then we plan our future activities.

January – Distributed bracelets and brochures about Human Trafficking the entire month.
Sponsored a conference on Internet Safety and Human Trafficking, 75 adults and youth attended. Guest speakers were representatives from the Attorney General’s Office, Special Victims Unit of the Highway Patrol and an authority on the prevention of internet predators and how predators are monitored and tracked.

February – Celebrated AGLOW Founders Day by discussing its start and showing the Human Trafficking DVD,

March, April, May, June, July, August – Regular HEAT (Help, Education, Activities, Training) meetings reviewing mission statement and distributing materials in communities about Human Trafficking.

September, October – Changed location of meeting and had greater attendance with speaker from Advocacy and Counseling Services for Victims. She will also be speaking at the regular AGLOW meeting in October.

October, November, December – Tentatively, meetings will be devoted to planning for January.

2018 – January 11 –Will have articles in the local newspaper and on the radio at Shepard University about National HT Awareness Day.

February 17 – An Anti-Bullying Conference for Adults and Children and its Causes and Effects will be held.

Middletown MD Couples Lighthouse

2017 – Have not been on the front lines with anti-human trafficking this year.

2018 – Human Trafficking will be part of our Middletown for Jesus prayer time.

Plan to have someone come speak to our group, perhaps our local Sheriff’s Deputy or someone from Charles Town so we as a group know how to pray and be informed. We want to make participants aware that where there are drugs, even those used by teens, trafficking cannot be far away with the “paying of debts” via girlfriends, nieces, sisters,…..without being transported.

We live in an affluent community where housekeepers are employed, and we know there is labor trafficking happening with waitresses at restaurants in Frederick and at the Costco Warehouse building.

Cumberland MD Community Lighthouse

2017 – Pray about the human trafficking issue monthly at their prayer meeting.

2018 – Have nothing planned for the coming year at this time.

Area Team

2017 – Charles Town WV is our lead on Human Trafficking so we support them in what they do and will support any other Lighthouse that takes this on.
Anti-Human Trafficking Brochures were placed at the Sheriff’s office in Moorefield and will be replaced as they are taken.
The balance of the Brochures will be distributed to the Lighthouses at our Area Team Meeting in November. Team members will take them to give to the Lighthouses in their areas.

2017-18 – We are praying for the Lord, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, to show us what to do and how to do it. Worship and prayer are the keys to breaking this thing in the spiritual realm – taking its breath away. It is interesting that the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case broke out right after conference. I believe in worship with the one-note sound. There was something broken that allowed all of this to come out. I believe we will see much more in the near future as we continue to pray. I believe for a prayer network in every state to emerge to pray against this moral decay. I believe Human Trafficking is one of the things that God is going to effect as we continue in prayer. I believe for men to begin to be convicted and for their hearts to become pure before God.

The Lord said to make sure I have a pure heart, and then pray for those in my church and the surrounding churches that are caught up in pornography, that are living together outside of marriage but in the church, that are in sexual abuse situations, etc. Then do the same thing for the towns, county and then our state of WV. That which has been hidden for so long is coming out. Just like in the Harvey Weinstein case – it is being revealed. I believe for Human Trafficking to be revealed in the state of WV and the pure hearts of the saints to cause the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to put His large paw on its throat and suffocate it to death. That is what I believe the Lord gave to me and that is what I believe will happen. God is bigger than this thing and this is a new season, a new era, and that which is in the past era is dead and the remnant is dying!

I know I am MD-West, but I believe the Lord wants me to start with WV. I pray for someone to take hold of the vision in MD. We are not everything in this fight, but we are an “essential” piece.

Maryland East Area Team

2017 – September – October – Westminster Community Lighthouse distributed AHT brochures.
November – AHT brochures provided to Lighthouses for distribution throughout their areas.

2018 – Monthly prayer walks and brochure distribution.
March – AHT event open to the public.

North Carolina East Area Team

2017-2018 – An anti-human trafficking presentation and discussion took place at the Area Team Fall Aglow Leaders Gathering. Follow-up activities are expected during 2018.

Lumberton Lighthouse

Leadership is exploring ways to effectively bring attention to human trafficking in the Lumberton area.

North Carolina Central Area Team

2017 – An Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Seminar scheduled for November 18, to be hosted by the Henderson Lighthouse in association with the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, was canceled for unrelated safety reasons .

North Carolina West Area Team

2017 – The Hickory, NC Aglow Lighthouse hosted an Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) Community Action Forum on Saturday, August 13. I knew beforehand that the Lord was connecting people with their destiny. The Spirit released prophetic words of encouragement and the speakers shared heart-felt messages. AHT is truly a plan of God to rescue, restore and transform lives.

The Hickory Lighthouse leadership team participated in the following:

Personal on-going prayer on AHT awareness and intervention.

Participation on the bi-weekly North Carolina Aglow Prayer Call which includes AHT objectives.

Weekly intercessory prayer under the direction of our Prayer Chair open to anyone in the community.

Selected an AHT Chairperson to oversee our interaction with the community, to maintain and distribute resources and plan future events.

Our VP of Administration participated in a fundraiser event for Bo Quickel’s ministry, Vigilante Truth.

Distributed AHT resource materials to individuals and pastors who requested them.

Donated household supplies quarterly to Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, Hickory, NC who sponsors a residential program for women and their children.

Volunteered to provide personal prayer ministry to any victim of HT in our area enrolled in a local restoration program.

West Virginia Area Team

Greenbrier Valley WV Community Lighthouse

2017 – Provided an information booth at the 4th of July parade in Alderson, WV.

2018 – Plan to make more information tables available at local events.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

2017 – November 4 presentation at Crossroads Church, Women’s Fall Conference.

Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region Anti-Human Trafficking Resources

Aglow International has a global Anti-Human Trafficking ministry reaching out to over 170 nations. Within the United States, Aglow is divided into regions.  The Mid-Atlantic Region is composed of: Washington, D.C. and the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

The Mid-Atlantic Region began its actions to combat human trafficking in the summer of 2014.  Some of our local groups, Lighthouses, were involved prior to that time.  Much has been accomplished during this short-time period and much more is planned.  Following is a summary of the highlights of what has taken place regionally and locally throughout the mid-Atlantic area.


Praying is at the core of every Aglow level and event including:

  • Prayer Walks and Drives to and around truck stops, trucks, highways, churches, schools, police stations, motels/hotels, restaurants
  • Prayer Conference Calls
  • Prayer in groups at local and regional meetings and with other ministries
  • Prayer for local leaders and with individuals
Conducting Conferences, Workshops, Community Meetings and Forums

Conducting Conferences, Workshops, Community Meetings and Forums focusing on building awareness of human trafficking and creating action plans to prevent and stop trafficking.  These events take many forms at the regional and local areas including:

  • Panel discussions, presentations
  • Showing and discussing movies and DVDs
  • Small group sharing and planning sessions

In addition to Aglow events there are events co-sponsored with other organizations. Aglow representatives attend and participate in many other community and church events to inform, educate and learn about human trafficking.

Reaching out

Reaching out to inform and provide educational materials to those who are or should be involved in anti-human trafficking activities: 

  • Meet with pastors, youth leaders, school officials, law enforcement officers
  • Talk to and provide information to friends and neighbors
  • Develop and provide materials; for example, a six step intervention program to fight human trafficking:

Pray, Mentor, Awareness, Show that you care, Prevention, Support advocates

Taking Action

Taking Action to directly address human trafficking:

  • Give time, money, materials
  • Provide baskets containing personal items to trafficked victims and survivors
  • Place cards and posters in truck stops and other rest rooms and in hotels/motels
  • Go into strip clubs talking to the women who work there
  • Contact school boards, middle and high schools, and provide materials
  • Contact Boy and Girl Scout groups and leaders to inform them of the dangers in human trafficking
  • Partner with human trafficking agencies working with survivors
  • Reach out to the media
  • Make information available about the Human Trafficking Hot Line
  • Support proposed state and local legislation

Networking with many officials and organizations to assistance, encourage, inform, share with and learn from; for example:

  • Local and state human trafficking task forces
  • Churches
  • Civic and business groups
  • Schools and Universities
  • Providers of services to Human trafficking victims
  • Local, state and federal law enforcement officials
Using Social Media

Using Social Media, Warning about Social Media to include:

  • Make information available via websites, Facebook and other forms of social media
  • Provide information and arrange for speakers to explain the dangers of using apps, smart phones, websites etc.

Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

The Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region serves the areas of the Delmarva Peninsula, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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