Hispanic Lighthouse Northern VA/Washington DC Area by Tina Peck

As women of Aglow International we are honoured to walk out the truths of His Kingdom; as we do, He allows each of us to simply watch His fruit fall into place…the place of restoration and intimacy. This is what occurred at the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area Hispanic Lighthouse! Listen to the story …

Ana Luisa Cornea, Hispanic Lighthouse President in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area had planned to come to the Area Team in August to give her resignation. She was discouraged that her Lighthouse meetings were not being attended as she had prayed for and she felt there was more to God’s plan than what was taking place. As it turned out, the August date we were scheduled to meet had to change at the last minute and so Ana Luisa’s plan to resign was delayed.

We met the following week, and Ana Luisa told us what her original plan was, but over the weekend the Lord told her it wasn’t time for her to step down. She wasn’t sure what was going to take place as she really didn’t have a plan, but she was obedient to the Lord. I share this as another example of how our Mighty God has all the plans laid out for us as long as we are open to listening to Him and following through with obedience. The Lord placed it on her heart to open her home in November and between her and a friend, they invited ladies from their churches and ‘unchurched’ ladies from the community.

I was blessed beyond measure to attend this Thanksgiving meeting. Their Advisor and 40 ladies attended – most who were not aware of Aglow. Ana Luisa began the meeting with social time; all had a name-tag and indicated the Country they were originally from and a word that spoke to them (i.e., blessed, thankful, joyful, etc.). The first 30-45 minutes we moved about the room speaking to different ladies. She then called everyone together and opened in prayer and began telling about Aglow. She explained what a Lighthouse was – the light of Christ for all to see, and about Aglow International. She gave a beautiful Thanksgiving teaching. We then had praise and worship, followed by testimonies and a salvation calling. Three ladies gave their life to Christ during this time. Ana Luisa provided each of these ladies with a Bible. We shared a meal (pot-luck) that all participated in preparing and bringing. Ana Luisa then passed out a Lighthouse Calendar to each attendee with the date of her meeting marked each month on every calendar. The presence of the Lord was so strong during this meeting, we didn’t want it to end! There was such joy felt by all.

Through her faith, Ana Luisa stepped out not knowing what to expect and as always there was no doubt the Lord honoured Ana Luisa’s obedience and their Lighthouse. We are expecting much in 2014.