Monroe County Farmers Day Parade & AHT

The amazing thing was this came together at the last second.  My daughter called this the “ugliest float in the whole world, and if God can make it first place, He can do anything!” It was by no means the prettiest, but it got the message across.  The float did cause conversations and curiosity about what is happening here in our area. We had set up a table on the parade route, and had between fifteen to twenty people stop by.

One lady with four small children, was so surprised that trafficking existed in WV.  We told her not only in the big cities in WV,  but it was everywhere, even in Monroe County.  Monroe County has very small towns and made up of mostly farmland.

It was very rewarding doing the float and setting up an information table. The information we gave out were the pamphlets from Aglow, as well as from other organizations.  I encourage Lighthouses to get out and do something regarding trafficking. If it saves one child, it is so worth the time and expense. It may be small, but God will cause it to be BIG! – Ruth