Islam Mandate

Education and Awareness

God has given Aglow International a mandate for the Muslim people, one-fifth of the world population. These followers of the Islamic religion have never known the love of our Father. They are without Christ and therefore without hope. They have no forgiveness of sin and no real assurance of salvation and eternal life.

A mandate is an authoritative order or command, a commission. It also means to entrust, to put into one’s hand. As the ministry of Aglow, we are privileged to be called and commissioned by God to co-labor with Him on behalf of the Muslim people. He has placed this mandate in our hands.


Alice Holland, Islamic Education and Awareness Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region

Alice Holland currently serves as the Islamic Education and Awareness Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region and as Mid-Atlantic Prayer Coordinator for Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.  She has been involved in Aglow for 39 years and has served in most positions on Aglow Area teams. She was involved in Aglow in Germany and other parts of the U.S. where she lived while her husband served in the military.

She considers herself blessed to be able to coordinate monthly prayer trips into D.C for Aglow women and men from across the nation and expects to witness God’s move in our nation.

Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

The Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region serves the areas of the Delmarva Peninsula, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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