About Our Director

Nancy McGuirk

Nancy is a woman of excellence and warmth. With nearly 30 years of leadership experience, Nancy enjoys spending time helping others develop their own leadership and communication skills. When she speaks, her delightful personal stories reveal a deep and practical message for life. She shares with openness and honest transparency the help she and others can find through a daily relationship with Jesus Christ. Nancy has written articles and testimonies of God’s intervention on behalf of others and her work has been published in Guideposts Magazine, The Jerusalem Post and her personal newsletter.

Presently Nancy serves as the U.S. Regional Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region of Aglow International. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the McDougal Foundation, the Hagerstown Community Concerts Association and is a member of the Apostolic Council of Alliance International Ministries through which she was ordained.

Nancy hosts a monthly prayer group in her home called “All Nations Prayer.”  Each month the group studies and prays for a particular nation chosen at random.  She attends Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, is a proud mother of four adult children and has 11 grandchildren.