Aglow International Mid-Atlantic Region

"We're everywhere and God has put us there." - Jervae Brooks

Through your commitment, you are helping to Propel the Kingdom Forward by bringing the light of the Lord to the four corners of the earth. Thank you, your dedication and generosity are making an eternal impact on lives around the globe!

Laurie Lischke takes you behind the scenes at the Headquarters of Aglow international in a new video:

Lee Greenwood, US soldiers release new version of ‘God Bless the USA’


Local groups have long been the heart and soul of the ministry. These Kingdom Communities, called Lighthouses are formed within neighborhoods and workplaces throughout the nations. Our groups have a heart for people and find ways to bring the radiant love of God to their community, neighborhoods and workplaces. Go to state lighthouses


Aglow International has a global Anti-Human Trafficking ministry reaching out to over 170 nations. Within the United States, Aglow is divided into regions. The Mid-Atlantic Region is composed of: Washington, D.C. and the states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. Read More

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Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region

The Aglow Mid-Atlantic Region serves the areas of the Delmarva Peninsula, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

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